Innovate to overcome WSH challenges

Dear Members, Please find enclosed for your reference, the call by the WSH Council for companies to explore innovative solutions to address potential WSH risks at the workplace, which they can submit for the WSH Innovation Awards. Members are encouraged to find innovative ways to address WSH risks.

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Chinese New Year (CNY 2021) Storage concession for Local Containers

Dear Members,   1.PSA is once again extending the following concessions to local containers  for vessels arriving during the Chinese New Year (CNY) 2021 period: Waiver of extra movement charge for early acceptance of export containers; First 3 days free storage for export and import laden containers; First 2 days free storage for export and import empty containers. 2.The CNY 2021 qualifying periods for the concessions are as follows: For Import containers, the concession is applicable for vessels  arriving from 10 Feb 0001 hr to 13 Feb 2359 hr. For Export* containers, The concession is applicable for vessels arriving from [...]

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Compulsory Antigen Rapid Test at Singapore Land Checkpoints

Dear Members,   With effect from 22 January 9am, the Antigen Rapid Test (ART) will be progressively rolled out for cargo drivers and accompanying personnel entering Singapore at the Singapore Tuas and Woodlands checkpoints.   Tested personnel with a negative result may proceed to enter Singapore. This is in line with the requirement for all travellers to undertake COVID-19 testing on arrival in Singapore to manage the growing risk of imported COVID-19 cases.   Attached is also an infographic illustrating the testing procedures at the respective checkpoints. Press Release Infographic Please disseminate this to your relevant staff.

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Advisory on COVID-19 Precautions for Businesses Receiving Deliveries

Dear Members, We hope you had a pleasant start to 2021. As we enter 2021, we have seen new waves of COVID-19 globally, including in our neighbouring countries in Asia. The COVID-19 situation globally remains unpredictable and we must remain ready to respond decisively towards any disruptions to our operating environment and supply chains. The government is encouraging companies to continue with their efforts to develop, refine and review their BCP and supply chain resilience plans. The Singapore government will also continue to support our companies by: Remaining committed to keeping our supply chains moving, our businesses open and [...]

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