Partnering SMEs: Digitizing for Growth

CDAS is pleased to have supported the "Partnering SMEs: Digitizing for Growth" event held yesterday, organized by Mastercard®, in partnership with the Payments Council that is established by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). The event aims to gather small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the logistics industry to discuss and understand: - Emerging trends in the logistics industry and how they impact SMEs - Benefits of payment digitalization and the technologies available for SMEs to use - Government initiatives available to support SMEs in going cashless and digital CDAS Deputy President, Mr. Ricky Loo was there as part of [...]

Container Tracking System (CTR) Featured as part of Singapore’s Logistics ITM at the Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP)

The Industry Transformation Map (ITM) Networking Event at the Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP) kicked off today at the Singapore Expo, where 5 ITMs from the Advanced Manufacturing & Trade (AMT) Cluster will be launched at ITAP this year: Aerospace, Electronics, Energy & Chemicals, Precision Engineering and Logistics. The Container Tracking System (CTR) was featured as part of Singapore's Logistics ITM. CTR aims to tackle the longstanding pain points of our industry, of the lacking visibility of our fleet and chassis assets, managing them, and optimizing their use as well as pooling together resources for use to reduce wastage and further reduce our [...]

Thank You for Supporting the Logistics and Transportation Conference 2022 – Logistics Digitalization and Resource Optimization for a Sustainable Future

We are pleased to have successfully ran the renewed Logistics and Transportation Conference 2022 on 30 September 2022! Our theme for the conference, “Logistics Digitalization and Resource Optimization for a Sustainable Future” brought together representatives from the logistics and transportation sector, speakers and representatives from government agencies and academics, to attend and share their experience and expertise on the four key focus of this conference’s theme; the continued “Digitalization” of the logistics and transportation sector, “Optimizing” resources and assets for improved efficiency, and “Sustainability”, as we delve into both business sustainability as well as reducing our industry’s carbon footprint. The [...]