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Feedback on Workplace Safety and Health (WS) Technology

The Workplace Safety and Health Council's WSH Institute would like to seek your views about WSH technology. Do scan the QR code above, or use this link to complete the survey. Your input will be most appreciated! https://go.gov.sg/wsh-tech-logistics-transport

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PSA & CDAS Partner Up to Launch SmartBooking – A One-Stop Digital Solution Platform for the Supply Chain Community

In a concerted effort to drive supply chain orchestration and digitalisation, PSA Corporation Ltd (PSA) and the Container Depot and Logistics Association (Singapore) (CDAS) have launched ‘SmartBooking’ – an integrated one-stop booking platform for container depots, terminals, hauliers and logistics facilities across Singapore. Supported by Enterprise Singapore (ESG), Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), and Smart Nation and Digital Government Office (SNDGO), this initiative will play a major role in Singapore’s logistics ecosystem digitalisation roadmap, and is part of the National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy to facilitate data exchange and enable the deployment of AI solutions. Please refer to the attached [...]

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Budget 2021 Materials

In the Emerging Stronger Together Budget Statement 2021 delivered on 16 February 2021, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat spoke about the measures that the Government will put in place to support businesses through the uncertainties in the global environment while preparing them to seize opportunities in the future. Budget 2021 lays out the Government’s plans to: (i) continue providing relief in the immediate term, as we fight the pandemic; (ii) invest strategically for growth and press on with economic transformation in the medium term; and (iii) lay the groundwork to position Singapore to grow and thrive [...]

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Innovate to overcome WSH challenges

Dear Members, Please find enclosed for your reference, the call by the WSH Council for companies to explore innovative solutions to address potential WSH risks at the workplace, which they can submit for the WSH Innovation Awards. Members are encouraged to find innovative ways to address WSH risks.

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Chinese New Year (CNY 2021) Storage concession for Local Containers

Dear Members,   1.PSA is once again extending the following concessions to local containers  for vessels arriving during the Chinese New Year (CNY) 2021 period: Waiver of extra movement charge for early acceptance of export containers; First 3 days free storage for export and import laden containers; First 2 days free storage for export and import empty containers. 2.The CNY 2021 qualifying periods for the concessions are as follows: For Import containers, the concession is applicable for vessels  arriving from 10 Feb 0001 hr to 13 Feb 2359 hr. For Export* containers, The concession is applicable for vessels arriving from [...]

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Compulsory Antigen Rapid Test at Singapore Land Checkpoints

Dear Members,   With effect from 22 January 9am, the Antigen Rapid Test (ART) will be progressively rolled out for cargo drivers and accompanying personnel entering Singapore at the Singapore Tuas and Woodlands checkpoints.   Tested personnel with a negative result may proceed to enter Singapore. This is in line with the requirement for all travellers to undertake COVID-19 testing on arrival in Singapore to manage the growing risk of imported COVID-19 cases.   Attached is also an infographic illustrating the testing procedures at the respective checkpoints. Press Release Infographic Please disseminate this to your relevant staff.

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Advisory on COVID-19 Precautions for Businesses Receiving Deliveries

Dear Members, We hope you had a pleasant start to 2021. As we enter 2021, we have seen new waves of COVID-19 globally, including in our neighbouring countries in Asia. The COVID-19 situation globally remains unpredictable and we must remain ready to respond decisively towards any disruptions to our operating environment and supply chains. The government is encouraging companies to continue with their efforts to develop, refine and review their BCP and supply chain resilience plans. The Singapore government will also continue to support our companies by: Remaining committed to keeping our supply chains moving, our businesses open and [...]

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Launch of CDAS ePayment Solution

During the CDAS Lunar New Year Celebration, CDAS launched several industry initiatives, one of which was the ePayment solution. With the support of Enterprise Singapore, the new CDAS e-Payment Solution will help boost productivity by 60 per cent for depots and transport companies respectively. Drivers can access an app that calculates total charges due at depots, and payments can be made by the the driver or transport company electronically. By going cashless, a depot operator can save up to 3 hours per day, while a transport company can save up to 25 minutes per driver per day. CDAS and Enterprise [...]

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Showcase of Container Tracking System (CTR)

CDAS showcased the Container Tracking System (CTR) at the CDAS Lunar New Year Celebration 2020.   CTR was introduced to tackle the ongoing problem faced by hauliers of tracking their assets. CTR will help address the user pain points by providing:- 24/7 Real-Time Tracking for Prime Movers and Lorries Seamless Asset Tracking of trailers Fleet performance analysis - such as overspeeding, alerts, route playbacks, and mileage reports Remote truck immobilizer for unauthorized use Cargo Information Traditionally, fleets are only installed with GPS trackers that provide fleet management information such as location, speed, mileage etc. While this is useful for fleet [...]

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CDAS Lunar New Year Celebration 2020

CDAS welcomed the Lunar New Year with its annual Celebration on 6 February 2020. The event was organized as an appreciation to our members of the Container Depot and Logistics industry. There were various industry initiatives announced, as well as interesting activities to engage the guest at the event. CDAS also held a joint donation drive towards 2 charity organizations this year. Guests and members were treated to various activities and games. Stage activities and performances kept our guests entertained throughout the event as well CDAS was pleased to have supported our local talent, by having [...]

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Welcome to CDAS.Link

Good day! If you tried to access our usual website at www.cdasalliance.sg, you would find that you have been redirected to cdas.link instead. Fret not, our site has merely gotten a facelift. Moving forward we are pleased to present CDAS.Link, the central portal for your industry needs. Stay tuned, as we are hard at work on some new industry initiatives, which will be shared via this portal. You may also follow us on our Facebook for the latest happenings. Feel free to let us know if you have any comments about the new site, or if you have things you [...]

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Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! (CDAS Half-Day Operation on 24 and 31 December 2019)

From the Council and Secretariat team During this festive season of giving, let us take time to slow down and enjoy the simple things. Wishing all of our members, associates, partners and contacts much happiness throughout the New Year. Please note that CDAS will be operating for half-day (AM) on 24 and 31 December 2019.

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CDAS was conferred the National Service (NS) Advocate Award (Organisations), as part of the Total Defence Awards (TDA) 2019.

CDAS President, Mr. Peter Ho was presented the award by Senior Minister of State for Defence, Mr Heng Chee How, while Deputy President, Mr. Ricky Loo received the award on behalf of CDAS Logistics Alliance (Ltd) TDA is a national pinnacle award for the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Home Affairs to recognize companies, organizations and individuals who had demonstrated exemplary support for NS and our NS Men. It is through supportive employers that strengthen NS Men’s commitment to defence and assure them that their efforts were worthwhile and appreciated.

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Thank you everyone for joining us at the Logistics Fair 2019!

The event was a success because of your participation! CDAS as part of the Logistics Alliance, co-organized the Logistics Fair 2019. The fair this year saw many attendees with their friends and family, coming down to enjoy the many food and games, the forklift competition, movie screenings, as well as informational booth to help aspiring students learn more about the current industry practices, as well as showcasing various industry and military logistics technologies and applications. We hope to see you again in 2020!

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Join CDAS @ the Logistics Fair 2019!

CDAS invites you to join us at the Logistics Fair 2019! This fair is jointly organized by the Logistics Alliance, Enterprise Singapore, and is supported by the WSHC Council. This event is free-of-charge, so do send this invitation to your colleagues, staff and other industry partners too! Come have fun and meet other folks in the industry, explore opportunities to enrich your minds by exploring higher education courses, as well as get a chance to look at the various industrial technology displays! Please note that pre-registration is required. Details and registration are enclosed in the link HERE. [...]

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How technology and automation can be used to investigate and deter corruption practice in the industry.

Source CDAS Deputy President Mr. Ricky Loo met with representatives from CPIB to demonstrate how technology and automation can be used to investigate and deter corruption practice in the industry. Read on to find out more (Article in Mandarin)

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MINDEF-MHA Enhanced Career & Education Fair, 14 August 2019.

In collaboration with MINDEF and Ministry of Home Affairs (“MHA”), Enterprise Singapore participated in the MINDEF-MHA Enhanced Career & Education Fair, which took place on 14 August 2019. CDAS helped reach out to its members to join this event and seek out potential candidates to join their organizations. The Career Fair is conducted to facilitate the job search of NSFs who will be transiting into the workforce following ORD, by exposing them to companies across various industries from Logistics to Aviation and F&B.

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Urban Grid Logistics – Agility Through Orchestration of Resources

At the Logistics Institute (TLI) Asia Pacific, National University of Singapore - THINK Executive Summit held on 24 April 2019, Mr. Ricky Loo, Deputy President of Container depot and Logistics Association (Singapore) [CDAS], delivered a paper on “Digitalization in the Container Industry”. In his presentation, he showcases how CDAS addresses industry pain-points and challenges, in advancing container logistics industry, and embarking on digitalisation and transform the industry. Informatively, CDAS offers its members and the industry users business solutions such as Container management system (CMS), electronic Container Trucking System (eCTS) and TRIP (Transport Integration Platform) for them to manage, [...]

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