Mission & Vision

CDAS Logistics Association Mission & Vision2019-12-26T10:23:13+08:00


  1. To promote and foster co-ordination and co-operation among Members of the Association;
  2. To collect and collate the views of the Members and, where considered appropriate, convey the same to the Government and any other private sector organizations;
  3. To represent and promote the interests of our Members in matters which may be referred to the Association by the Government or by any other organizations or by any Member;
  4. To represent the interest of our Members within Singapore as well as internationally at conferences, seminars and other similar occasions and to foster closer relationship with similar organizations in other countries;
  5. To do all such acts and things as may be deemed incidental or conducive to the furtherance of all or any of the above objectives, or otherwise to advance the interests of Members.


“Formed by the industry for the industry”