Electronic Container Trucking System (eCTS)

Electronic Container Trucking System (eCTS)2021-01-14T09:38:55+08:00


The Platform to support the Logistics and Transportation Industry.

eCTS is an app-based mobile product that allows hauliers to be dynamically linked to the CMS system. The system comes with the eGate function to facilitate connectivity between container truck drivers, transport operations, container depots and eventually other customer nodes on the supply chain. It allows for automated gate processing at the facility node (i.e. Container depot), providing an electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) management and camera functionality that can link photos to stakeholders in real-time.

Functions and Benefits

  • View traffic conditions in real-time
  • Messaging between the stakeholders within the supply chain (depot, warehouse and port)
  • Dispatch documents from office to driver electronically
  • Captures container conditions in real-time (supports electronic CEIR)
  • Electronic acknowledgement when handing and taking over (supports ePOD) containers
  • Seamless, paperless and cashless gate process
  • Visibility of Depot Notifications for Drivers
  • Automated Entry (eGate) into Empty Depots and eventually other nodes
  • Manage & Track your Fleet
  • Real-Time Communication and Transaction Records
  • Pre-trip check for Workplace Safety Compliance record
  • Multi-language messaging support to Drivers
  • Two-way messaging with depot gates and port
  • Direct link to CMS Live Portal – One single portal to manage your trucking operations.
  • Industry (Depot / Port) alert message broadcast to Drivers.
  • Cloud-based solution – No software purchase / installation necessary
  • Quick and Easy Installation / Transfer of devices onto vehicles (no need to send your truck down to vendor premises for installations / firmware upgrades).

The system was officially launched at the CDAS Logistics and Transportation Conference 2016 on 23 August 2016, where the system also officially went live. eCTS was eventually adopted by the majority of the container haulage industry to bring them onto a smart platform and digitalize their operations by April 2017.

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