Enterprise Singapore Introductory Engagement Session

Thanks to the gracious hosting of CWT Integrated Pte Ltd, CDAS was pleased to be able to host an Enterprise Singapore Introductory Engagement with their CEO, Mr. Lee Chuan Teck, accompanied by Assistant Chief Executive, Mr. Lee Pak Sing  and Mr. Law Chung Ming  (Executive Director, Transport and Logistics).

The group got a first hand look at a first of its kind integrated multi-storey depot – a Mega Logistics Hub, and got to learn how companies like CWT leveraged on various #digitalization and #technology adoption to modernize and #transform their business to meet new requirements.

Led by CDAS President, Mr. Ricky Loo, the group also discussed and got to better understand how with the support of Enterprise Singapore, CDAS has been continuously rolling out and improving upon various initiatives to help #digitize the #container #depot and logistics #transportation processes, providing solutions to solve industrial pain points, and helped improve operational efficiencies.

Working closely together with Enterprise Singapore, we look forward to continuing our journey towards helping the #logistics industry tackle new challenges and bring it towards greater heights.