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At CDAS, we believe in the pursuit of a continuous education. That is why our training centre offers various training programmes for industry professionals, as well as operations staff, to constantly upgrade themselves and stay up to date regarding the latest technology development and industrial trends.

CDAS offers would-be participants a wide range of logistics courses catered for the full spectrum of logisticians ranging from operation staff to executives and managers. We strive to bring the latest and best industry knowledge to our participants as we firmly believe that upgrading and empowering manpower through training, which is crucial to the continuous growth and sustainability of any business.

Our training facilities allows much flexibility to our trainers and participants, allowing for customized set up, ranging from a typical class room formation, to a cluster set up, to even a seminar and meeting room set up. This allows for different training methods to be administered where appropriate for the course.

Conveniently located at the new Trade Association Hub, our location is easily accessible, and wheelchair friendly. It is a short walk from the nearest MRT station, and has ample parking space.

Our facilities is complete with a wide variety of training tools, such as whiteboards, flip charts, and writing materials, as well as the use of both a LED projector, and the option for a short throw projector, allowing for optimal use of space.

Some of the clients of our Training courses include : Jurong Port, SATS, Singapore Customs, Singapore Department of Statistics, Ministry of Manpower, Institute of Technical Education and ST Logistics.

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