Quality and Standards Partners Appreciation Event 2022

CDAS is pleased to share that Deputy President, Mr. Ricky Loo received a commendation award in recognition for his contributions at the Enterprise Singapore’s Quality and Standards Partners Appreciation Event held on 13 July 2022.

Over the years Mr. Loo has contributed significantly his experience and industry expertise in helping to put together various Technical References, some of which would go on to become adopted as Singapore Standards.

Standards are often conceptualized in the form of a Technical Reference, to guide the industry based on the recommended best practices put together by a committee of industry experts, which are then over the years refined through industry feedback and eventually converted into a Singapore Standard for adoption.

The importance of having an industry standard, especially in the logistics sector, is key to helping an industry with fragmented practices become more united with a cohesive and commonly accepted industry standards of best practices. This will in turn help to reduce miscommunication, raise productivity and efficiency, thus ensuring our competitiveness in this challenging climate.

Keep a lookout as there are more technical references being conceptualized, which will hopefully bear fruit as an adopted Singapore Standard in the near future.