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Industry Technical References and Standards

Technical Reference 53 : 2016 – Container Depot Operations

This Technical Reference (TR) was prepared by the Container Depot Operations Working Group (WG) appointed by the Technical Committee on Logistics under the direction of the Manufacturing Standards Committee (MSC). The TR was endorsed by the MSC on 18 July 2016.

While there are existing codes of practice, e.g. “Code of Practice: Guiding Principles of Tank Container Depot-Client Management”, published by the International Tank Container Organisation and “Code of Practice for Container Depots” published by the Hong Kong Container Depot and Repair Association Ltd, their requirements are not specific to our local needs. Hence, taking reference from prevailing local laws and regulations, this TR was developed for the container depot operations in Singapore.

This TR is a provisional standard made available for application over a period of two years. The aim is to use the experience gained to update the TR so that it can be adopted as a Singapore Standard. Users of the TR are invited to provide feedback on its technical content, clarity and ease of use. Feedback can be submitted using the form provided in the TR. At the end of the two years, the TR will be reviewed, taking into account any feedback or other considerations, to further its development into a Singapore Standard if found suitable.
At the time of publication, this TR is expected to be used by container depot operators, depot contractors carrying out repairs and maintenance of containers within the depot premises, visitors to the depot, and contractors engaged by the depot operator to construct, repair, modify or otherwise conduct works on the premises of the depot.

To find out more about how you can obtain a copy, click here.

Technical Reference for Freight container equipment interchange receipt – TR39:2015

This Technical Reference (TR) was prepared by the Technical Committee on Logistics under the direction of the Manufacturing Standards Committee (MSC). The MSC endorsed the TR on 29 January 2015.

This TR serves as a reference and guide on the conduct of visual survey and inspection, accurate reporting and updating of the condition of the freight container at each point of handing and taking over. It establishes the baseline on common definitions and terminologies, visual qualitative and quantitative survey and dissemination of the information on the conditions of the freight container to minimise disputes and delays at each point of the interchange.

This TR is expected to be referred to by the shipping lines, container owners, container lessors, terminal operators, logistics service providers, container depot operators, consignees and shippers.

TR39:2015, Technical Reference for freight container equipment interchange receipt covers the followings:

  1. The scopes of the TR
  2. Definitions of all the terms for the purpose of the TR
  3. Reporting criteria for conditions of freight containers
  4. Guidelines on the conduct of visual survey and inspection on freight containers
  5. Relay and acceptance of conditions of freight containers
  6. Standardised container equipment interchange receipts forms – for both General and Tank containers
  7. The various types of reportable container conditions
  8. A feedback form.

To find out more about how you can obtain a copy, click here.

Workplace Safety and Health Matters

The Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) is working in collaboration with CDAS, to reach out to members of the logistics and transport industry, so as to promote a better and safer workplace environment for one and all.

Don’t know where to begin?

Below, you will find some useful information and safety guides to which you can apply to your daily operation as well as your workplace.

  • Safety Reminder on Safe Securing of Cargo
    Following an industrial feedback about falling cargo from vehicle during transportation, a joint safety reminder on Safe Securing of Cargo was issued by the Logistics and Transport Trade Associations, with support from LTA and WSHC. Read more about it!
  • Logistics and Transport
    Here you will find relevant Risk Management information applicable to the Logistics and Transportation industry. You will be able to find out more info about managing risk at your workplace, as well as a step by step guide to conducting RM.It also includes other useful WSH topics that are applicable to this industry.
  • Workplace Traffic Safety Management
    Here, you will find useful resources to manage your workplace traffic safety. It includes helpful resources such as safety videos, fatigue management, notebook for drivers, as well as updated bulletins.
  • Drive Safe, Work Safe Campaign
    Drive Safe, Work Safe Campaign is the second phase of the National WSH campaign 2017 to tackle WSH hotspots. The Campaign aims to highlight the importance of onsite traffic managment as well as safe driving on roads. Aside from the logistics industry, transportation is also integral to many other industries.
  • Adopt good practices to prevent vehicular accidents – GOOD_PRACTICES_TO_PREVENT_VEHICULAR_INCIDENTS(1) (Click to download)
    The WSH Council has produced a poster on the good practices to prevent vehicular incidents. Companies may use this poster to educate their employees to adopt good driving practices and take care of their health while driving.
    For more tips on safe driving, click here.
    For more information on workplace traffic safety management, click here.

CDAS also helps distribute various WSH related collaterals. If you wish to obtain any posters, decals, stickers for use at your workplace, or if you simply require any assistance, feel free to contact us today!

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Apart from being a voice to represent the container logistics and transport industry, CDAS also takes part in various CSR related matters, as our way to give back to society.

Posted 2022

In 2022, we once again worked with Project Dignity, a social enterprise that helps to train and place differently-abled adults for gainful employment, in distributing treats to our members, while at the same time, giving back to society through the sales of such treads. You can read more about the exercise here.

Posted 2021

These past 2 years have been a trying time for the Logistics and Transportation Industry, in the face of COVID-19. But with strength and perseverance, we will emerge stronger and better, together.
While unable to hold any celebratory event, CDAS had put up a simple gesture to spread the festivities around, while not forgetting the less fortunate in society. This year we worked with Project Dignity (Dignity Kitchen), a social enterprise that helps to train and place differently-abled adults for gainful employment. Project Dignity also provide sponsored training for unemployed adults with special needs and place them with employment partners within the F&B, hospitality and retail sectors. They also hire some of their graduates at their food court and book retail stores at their premises. To support them, CDAS had purchased mooncakes through their Mid-Autumn Festival Programme, to distribute them to our members.

Following our mooncake distributions, CDAS had embarked on giving back to society, together with Project Dignity, and helped distribute sponsored mooncakes to NTUC Health Cluster Support.

NTUC Health Cluster Support provides intervention care for vulnerable seniors who have no or little family support., and aims to enhance their quality of life and ensure that they have the resources to live safely, independently at home, in their preferred community for as long as possible.

We hope that this little token, made possible by the contributions of the members of CDAS, would help make this day a little extra better for the elderlies under their care, especially in these trying times.

We would like to once again take this opportunity to wish everyone and their loved ones a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival – 祝福中秋佳节快乐,月圆人圆事事圆满.

Posted: 21 September 2021

Posted 2020

CDAS together with 10 other Trade Associations, joined SCCCI to publish a poem written by local poet Tan Chee Lay, to mark respect and tribute to all our frontline healthcare workers for their selfless acts of courage in dealing with the COVID-19. To all doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals, we THANK YOU!

Posted 2020

We organized our first joint donation drive together with our CDAS members and partners during our traditional Lunar New Year celebrations 6th Feb 2020. The two charity organizations are Autism Resource Centre Singapore / Pathlight School and Daughters Of Tomorrow – Building Livelihoods for Women in Need , we are grateful for the companies that helped contribute generously. Please help to continue support the charity organizations and those passionate volunteers!

Donation made to Autism Resource Centre Singapore / Pathlight School in 2020.

Donation made to Daughters Of Tomorrow – Building Livelihoods for Women in Need in 2020.

CDAS organized our Lunar New Year celebrations on the 19th Feb 2019. CDAS believes in being socially responsible and giving back to society.The selected charity organizations are Handicap Welfare Association and Care Corner Seniors Services Ltd.

Donation made to Handicap Welfare Association in 2019

Donation made to Care Corner Seniors Services Ltd in 2019

Companies interested in taking part in making a joint contribution to select charity organizations, or to explore collaboration activities may write in to us for further details.