SCCCI’s Flagship Publication – An Interview with CDAS President Mr. Ricky Loo

Are you subscribed to the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s flagship business publication, Chinese Entrepreneur《华商》?

Have you received your copy? Noticed a familiar face?
Yes! That’s right, CDAS President and CWT Integrated Pte Ltd CEO, Mr. Ricky Loo was interviewed not too long ago as part of a feature by the magazine for Trade Associations.

In this feature, he shared about his journey in leading the Association and contributions towards helping to shape and uplift the container depot and logistics industry landscape.

He goes on to share about how under his leadership, CDAS had led the industry’s digital transformation efforts, through numerous initiatives that helped improved workflow processes, reduced communication issues, as well as the successful implementation of the cashless payment system used by the industry. Through other CDAS initiatives, the industry also greatly benefited from initiatives that changed and upgraded the workforce using systems like the Container Tracking System (CTR), as well as tackling long queue issues at depots through the digitalized booking systems.

He also shared on the challenges faced by the workers in the industry, and how he has rolled out various job redesign to change the way they work, and making life easier for their workers.

Read more about how he uses his valuable experiences and knowledge to contribute towards improving the logistics industry, and shaping it towards a brighter future.

Don’t have a copy? Fret not!
You may read an online copy of the Chinese Entrepreneur Issue 18 here
or on SCCCI website: 
(P.S. Check out Pg42 onwards)

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