Signing of MOU at the SGTradex Collaborative Data in Supply Chain Conference

Sgtradex held a conference on “Collaborative Data in the Supply Chain” yesterday, which brought together industry leaders from the logistics sector including Hauliers, Shippers, freightforwarders, and Industry Solution Providers among others.
As part of the conference, CDAS, represented by Deputy President Mr. Lim Boon Tiong, took part in the signing of the MOU, together with the other Logistics and Transportation Trade Associations Singapore Logistics Association and Singapore Transport Association, as well as other logistics solution providers, as part of a cohesive effort to promote digitalization and advocate the benefits of data exchange on the SGTraDex Network.
Mr. Lim also took part in the panel discussion (chaired by Mr. Law Chung Ming – Executive Director for Transport and Logistics Sector at Enterprise Singapore), where participants also heard about the transformative power of data exchange in logistics, highlighting optimised operations, collaboration, and sustainability.
As we move towards a future of uncertainty and increased costs and competition, there will be more emphasis on the importance of driving data sharing and interoperability, allowing for improvements in service levels, operational efficiencies, sustainability through decarbonization, and cost and resource savings, made possible through the upcycling of data.
Congratulations to SGTradex on taking this next big step forward, and we look forward to working together with you and other stakeholders on shaping the industry’s future.