Advisory on COVID-19 Precautions for Businesses Receiving Deliveries

Dear Members,

We hope you had a pleasant start to 2021.

As we enter 2021, we have seen new waves of COVID-19 globally, including in our neighbouring countries in Asia. The COVID-19 situation globally remains unpredictable and we must remain ready to respond decisively towards any disruptions to our operating environment and supply chains.

The government is encouraging companies to continue with their efforts to develop, refine and review their BCP and supply chain resilience plans.

The Singapore government will also continue to support our companies by:

    • Remaining committed to keeping our supply chains moving, our businesses open and allow for  goods and services to flow freely and efficiently through Singapore.
    • ESG will continue to support companies to update and refine their BCPs, and where possible to work with companies to diversify their supply chains to bolster resilience
    • Remain open to further feedback from the industry on how the government can better support companies to develop their BCP and supply chain resilience during this period and for the future

Please refer to attached copy of good practices for Safe Management Measures, and advisory on COVID-19 precautions for businesses receiving deliveries, for your reference and adoption into your daily business operations.

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