CDAS Deputy President Speaking at the Geo Connect Asia 2022 Conference

CDAS Deputy President, Mr. Ricky Loo was invited to speak as part of a panel discussion today at the Geo Connect Asia 2022 Conference, where he was joined by other expert panelists to discuss about how a geo led approach can enhance the accuracy and value of the data to solve daily challenges and look towards future opportunities.

Each panelists shared about how they have made use of various automated solution and data, to tackle their respective industry challenges and improve their workflow and and productivity, as well as studying how such data can improve society as a whole.

Mr. Loo shared about his company’s journey in setting up the world’s first automated container depot, and how a geo-led data approach was factored in to ensure a smooth operation in the new high-rise container depot structure, using tools such as the Container Tracking System (CTR) to leverage on the geolocation data of the trucks.

He also shared about how Singapore, with the goal of unifying the industry, step are being taken towards the direction of exchanging data on a common data interface to uplift the industry at large, and the challenges that would come, as well as what needs to be done.

Data is very critical for a brighter future, therefore it is imperative to have established protocol, and have all parties working towards this common goal so that data can be better shared amongst the various stakeholders.

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