In Memory of Former CDAS President – Mr Sharafdeen S N Abdul Rasak

The association was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Mr Sharafdeen S N Abdul Rasak, former CDAS President on 20 March 2021.

Mr. Sharafdeen was one of the founding members of the Association, who had helped establish the Association, along with other container depot operators, and helped guide and grow it to where it is today.

During his long tenure with CDAS he had served a major role as one of our long running President, having been re-elected into the position multiple times, and have made countless contributions in guiding the industry towards greater height.

Under his leadership, CDAS had helped to bring up the skills set of the workers in the industry, as well as facilitated in representing the voice of the industry to champion numerous initiatives to tackle industry pain points, and adopting technology to improve the work processes of the container depot and logistics industry.

During his time as President, he had helped bring about stronger and better relationships with the various Government agencies and port operators, as well as with foreign delegates, promoting an environment for close interactions and cooperation.

We will always appreciate his long service and efforts in bringing about changes to the betterment of the industry, as well as his warm and friendly personality which has helped forged strong friendships with the various stakeholders in the industry.

After stepping down in 2016 to his successor, he continues to remain a good friend to us all.

Mr. Sharafdeen will be deeply missed by us all.

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