#SGUnited and Standing in Solidarity with Our Friends and Healthcare Workers

As Singapore continues its fight against the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, many have come together to show their support and solidarity with us.

One of which was Switzerland, who illuminated the Swiss Alps with projections of images, including the flags of countries around the world. On 25 April, they projected Singapore’s flag onto the alps, along with a message of solidarity,

In the city-state Singapore, different ethnic groups live together peacefully. The country is well organized and clean: similar characteristics are attributed to Switzerland. We show solidarity with the people of Singapore and send a sign of hope.

On 25th April, the nation also took part in an islandwide activity that saw people singing one of our beloved national songs, “Home”, as they cheered and thanked our healthcare heroes and migrant workers from their balconies and windows.

CDAS would also like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to our healthcare workers battling this pandemic, as well as all frontline and essential workers keeping the nation going through this difficult times.
#SGUnited #singtogetherSG #SingaporeTogether #stayhomeforSG


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